How about  a kiss 

for your jailbird brother?

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Edwin Howland Blashield. The Graduate, 1908.
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DELANO MANONGS tells the oft-overlooked story of how Filipino leader Larry Itliong and the thousands of Filipino farmworkers rallied with their Chicano comrades to form the United Farm Workers. Their inspiring fight brought national attention to the plight of the working class and formed a legacy still celebrated today.





So, with my luck, I got into SFSU and not UFL. I’d only applied to two schools and it sucks because I won’t be able to live in with my boyfriend. I’m torn right now. I just really want to choose love and science over writing and  theory.

I really love my boyfriend and I would move mountains for him. But I guess I’ll try a semester and then take it from there. I really love my boyfriend — this is the only reason why I’m staying in this dumb country anyway.

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